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Aloha Sun

Pineapple Ice - 1000 Puffs Lava Disposable - 2ml

Pineapple Ice - 1000 Puffs Lava Disposable - 2ml

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🍍 Pineapple Ice - Savor the Tropical Chill of Aloha 🏝️

Transport yourself to the sun-drenched shores of Hawaii with our Pineapple Ice disposable vape, where the golden sweetness of ripe pineapple meets the exhilarating frost of menthol. Each puff is a journey through the pineapple plantations of Maui, the tangy-sweet flavor of the fruit enveloped in a refreshing icy breeze.

Imagine lounging beneath the swaying palm trees of Lanikai Beach, sipping on a freshly blended pineapple cocktail as the cool exhale washes over you like a gentle wave rolling onto the shore. It's a tropical escape encapsulated in every inhale, a fusion of island flavor and Arctic chill that tantalizes your taste buds and refreshes your senses.

With Pineapple Ice, you're not just vaping; you're embarking on a voyage through paradise, where the essence of Hawaii dances on your palate and the chill of Aloha soothes your soul. So take a puff, close your eyes, and let the flavors of the islands transport you to a state of pure, chilled bliss.  Indulge in the taste of Aloha with Pineapple Ice, where tropical paradise meets glacial refreshment in a harmony as delightful as a Hawaiian sunrise.


  • 1000 Puffs
  • 380mAh Battery
  • 2% Nicotine
  • Battery & liquid synchronization
  • Mesh Coil
  • 1.2ohm Resistance
  • Transparent Tank
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