About Us

The Sun of Aloha

In a field that’s as ever changing and ripe with opportunities as the Vaping industry is, we here at Aloha Sun are always making sure that every iota of possibility is preeminently considered in our work, from the singularity of new flavor concepts & product design, to engaged listening and course correcting based on user feedback, down to the broader practical and cultural impacts of our products.

When we launched our first disposable, Aloha Sun 3000, a unique 3000 puffs device born out of years of passionate forethought and hand-forged effort, our team had already returned to the drafting table to continue our process of rigid and tasteful innovation with the mentality of crafting the next most excellent disposable we could ever stand to offer, all while actively refining our current product’s formula within its first few weeks into release, enacting the constructive dialogue we seek with any and all Aloha users. With millions of units sold as of May 2023, we consider Aloha Sun 3000 an unremitting success as a relatively new player in the vaping community, delivering distinctive island flavors with unprecedented quality control. Exceeding our initial goals with the 3K, we feel it’s time to launch its successor in ALOHA SUN 7000.

A high puffs disposable coming in 8 never before flavors: Strawberry Guava, Pink, American Tobacco, Blue Dreams, White Peach Ice, Tiger Blood, Kiberry Ice, & Ocean Sonics, our mission to dispatch island flavors to vapers of all walks of life is now the most sophisticated and accessible it's been, ever.