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Overtime - 9100 to 20K Puff Disposable - 16mL

Overtime - 9100 to 20K Puff Disposable - 16mL

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Introducing "Overtime" by Dennis Rodman, the disposable nicotine vape that's a true slam dunk for your taste buds. This lychee guava ice blend is your ticket to a flavor championship, brought to you by a legend who knows a thing or two about dominating the game.

Just as Rodman soared above the rim, "Overtime" takes you to new heights of satisfaction. The sweet and exotic notes of lychee and guava deliver a flavor fast break that's then cooled down with a refreshing ice finish, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

With a design as sleek and stylish as Rodman himself, this disposable vape is your sixth man, always ready to deliver that clutch performance. It's the perfect companion, whether you're courtside or on the move.

Elevate your vaping experience with "Overtime" and enjoy the taste of victory in every inhale. Dennis Rodman's expertise on and off the court is now within your reach, wrapped in this remarkable lychee guava ice flavor.

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