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Acai Berry - 9100 to 20K Puff Disposable - 16mL

Acai Berry - 9100 to 20K Puff Disposable - 16mL

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Introducing "Acai Berry" by Dennis Rodman, a disposable nicotine vape that's a slam dunk for your taste buds. Just like Dennis dominated the boards, this vape will have you dominating the game of flavor with its luscious acai berry goodness.

With "Acai Berry," every inhale is like a perfectly executed bounce pass, smoothly delivering the rich and vibrant notes of acai berry right to your senses. It's a flavor that moves like a well-coordinated fast break, with a sweet and tangy twist reminiscent of a behind-the-back dribble.

This vape is a true game-changer, crafted with a design as sleek as a player's crossover move, making it your reliable teammate on and off the court. "Acai Berry" is your secret weapon, ensuring that you're always on top of your flavor game.

Elevate your vaping experience with "Acai Berry," where every puff is a winning shot. Let Dennis Rodman's expertise shine through this berry sensation, making every inhale a taste of victory on your palate. Score big with "Acai Berry" today!

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