A Brief History of Dole Pineapples (and Dole Whip!)

A Brief History of Dole Pineapples (and Dole Whip!)

Ah, the pineapple. The famous exotic fruit synonymous with Hawaii and Hawaiian culture - from its usage in a variety of island-inspired recipes and as a larger symbol for the islands in various media - has come to be known as a staple of Hawaiian identity writ large. But in actuality, the pineapple wasn't always perceived this way. The fruit known for its singular prickly appearance, acidic but sweet taste and homestead for the yellow anthropomorphic sponge who lives under the sea, did not even originate in Hawaii (South America is said to be the most likely origin place of the speckled fruit) and was given its trademark status through the business ambitions of one man, industrialist James Dole.


Hawaiian Pineapple Company Dole ad


In 1899, James Dole moved to Hawaii (a connection forged by his infamous settler cousin Sanford B. Dole) to establish the Hawaiian Pineapple Company two years later, marking the beginning of a pivotal moment in the production and mass shipping of the fruit, which was still largely unknown to most at the time. Dole spearheaded a national advertising campaign in magazines across the United States, effectively promoting the exotic fruit and establishing himself as a pioneer in the agriculture. This early marketing effort by the company, now known as Dole, is recognized as one of the first of its kind and played a significant role in popularizing pineapples in American households, and later households around the world.


Dole Pineapple


Through Dole's highly effective marketing and sales strategy, this was how the pineapple came to be known as essentially the mascot of Hawaii, and later the state's defacto (but unofficial) state fruit. Today, the fruit is still synonymous with the Dole company who remain as one of the key distributors of the pineapple throughout the United States and other territories. 


Dole Whip


In more recent times, Dole Pineapples have regained their popularity with the introduction of Dole Whip in 1984. The frozen treat which incorporates Dole pineapple as the primary flavor profile is a soft serve ice cream which can also be served float style. When Dole took over as the sponsor of the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in 1986, the treat became an immediate hit amongst park goers, eventually developing into a serious cult favorite amongst diehard fans of the Disney park experience overall.

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